Monday, September 12, 2011

Expressy's Day with the Grandson

As you might have figured, my adult children are now fertile and have produced children. Well, my two-year-old grandson came to play at my house today. So far we have played in the sandbox, did face time with a tater head, rode a dump truck, watered the rocks, dunked a sandwich in soup to see if it could swim, and we colored with markers that were so dried up they got to be dipped in water to use, and we blew bubbles, and made a mess with Play-doh. That was this morning.

Lunch has now been cleaned from both ends of the boy; books have been read; eyes, nose, and ears have been located and identified on both the boy and Von-Von; Muno and Brobee were selected as bed buddies; and one talky-talky boy is singing the ABC song in his crib. It's supposed to be nap time. I hear a choo-choo. Not sure how that got into his room.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we tried on all the hats in the coat closet that I decided needed reorganizing while trying to wrangle the Play-doh bin from the top shelf. Said struggle caused an avalanche.

Did I mention that I pulled a bag of apples from the fridge and caused a jar of spaghetti sauce to fall out and break on the tile floor, cutting my foot in two places? The boy may have added a few choice words to his vocabulary as I tried to clean up the mess while bleeding on a paper towel I shoved into my flip-flop to keep from bleeding on the clean floor. So, mommy and daddy, if you hear the boy saying FU-CRANK-en-stein, you know where he learned that word.

Life is hilarious and it's only Monday!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

How I met my second husband

The year was 2000 and I was going through a divorce from my husband of 22 years. I visited new parts of town on while working temp assignments. When I passed by a particular office park, it seemed to call to me. I wondered if there was a full-time job that had benefits waiting for me there.

Curiosity finally got to me and I took a turn down the road to the office park. A lot of businesses were there, but nothing I felt drawn to until I neared the back of the office park and saw a warehouse that was being used as a meeting place for a church.

“No, not church!” I whined when I saw it. “You know I hate organized religion, Lord. I’ve been hurt too many times by religious people, and I don’t want to go to any church, much less one in a warehouse.” I had a feeling I was not going to see any peace until I visited this place. So, I finally gave in.

I woke up one Sunday morning in April knowing that I had to go to that church in the office park, but I bargained with God that I would only go to hear the music then I’d leave before the preaching began. I called to see what time the services started and was told 10:00 a.m. When I got there at 9:55 everyone was milling about, and some were leaving. I thought I was off the hook and was about to leave when I discovered that they were only taking a break. The second half was about to begin—you guessed it—the preaching. I had not set my clock back for Daylight Saving Time and I missed the music. I wanted to bolt, but a nice woman approached me and asked me to sit with her, so I complied.

For someone who didn’t want to get back in church I sure surprised myself when I went to a prayer meeting at a lady’s house the following Saturday night. There was a guy there named Randy that I absolutely could not keep my eyes off of. This sounds dumb even saying it, but I thought we’re supposed to be together. I was on the rebound and too vulnerable for a relationship. I was not over the pain of my first marriage, and I didn’t want to date.

I went to the church service again the following week. Randy sat behind me that morning. I heard that he was leading a prayer group on Friday night. I decided to attend.

Randy asked me out after the meeting Friday night, and I heard the word “yes” jump out of my mouth before I knew I wanted to say it. This is a mystery, but I felt like I knew this man from somewhere.

Randy and I took a ride to the lake after dinner, and as we sat on the bench I got this premonition that I was going to marry him. Husband #2 had been praying for a wife and even saw me in a dream. I  married him ten weeks after we met. I call that taking a giant, risk-taking, leap of least on his part!