Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Done With Organized Religion

I’m finished with the mind games of organized religious systems. There are folks that actually believe that they have to tithe and attend church in order to avoid God’s wrath. The church we were attending gave a seminar on supporting the local church with tithes and offerings. Yes, I’m a cheerful giver - it truly makes me happy to avoid being struck by lightning! Fear and punishment is NOT what God is about. Power, love, might, goodness, light, freedom, energy are intangible attributes that reside within all of nature, within all humans. No one is separate from the Creator. They may think and act as if they are. The darkness of the ego may hide our god-like attributes, but they are still there regardless of what is seen or done on the outside. Fear is the opposite of love and anything done out of fear is of the ego (some call it the devil, but I don’t believe in him anymore).

After doing more research on the origin of the church, we have stopped attending. No one will miss the angry drunk couple that got married without permission anyway. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. This kind of stuff has happened to me for the last time. I could care less if anyone likes me or not, I’m not playing the game anymore. I’m not going back to church, and that’s final.


Anonymous said...

Thank God. While I could think of a lot of good reasons people wouldn't or shouldn't go to church, I can't think of any better than the one's you gave. You are an unbeliever with pagan affections. So it will be better for everyone if you stay away from something that you don't believe in. But help me understand why a pagan (like yourself - someone who believes what you believe about nature etc) would have gone to a church in the first place? Didn't you know that they would teach Christianity there?

Yvonne Perry said...

Well, I was raised in the church--I think my mom have even gone into labor with me during the altar call--so I wasn't always Pagan.

After I left church in 1999, I had to go back to a brand new church (knowing it wasn't going to be any better than the other ones I'd attended) for one last stint in order to rescue a heathen man that wanted to be my husband. He didn't know he was Pagan then either. We married 10 weeks after we met.

After 11 years together we have recovered from the brainwashing and loving every minute of our tree-hugging life.