Friday, March 20, 2009

Wild Dog

Let me preface this by saying that this occurred in 1999. I do not have a new puppy right now in 2009, so in lieu of sympathy cards, cash donations may be sent to my bank account. Call me if you need the address.

We have a new puppy named Annie. She is an 11-week-old Weimaraner. We could not pass by Pass Pets. I daily question my sanity. Someone told me recently that my life sounded like a soap opera. I reminded them that they are a playing a lead role. So the drama continues on Wacho Woman’s Wild World. My life doesn’t seem all that unusual to me. What is normal anyway? I had my hair colored this week. It is very red, somewhat orange with golden blonde highlights. It reminds me of a stick of Fruit Stripes chewing gum. It took 3 hours to do the color change and 11 hours of my paycheck, but I love it. One guy walked by me yesterday and stopped suddenly. “Red light!”, he said. Then he walked on laughing. Well, my hairdresser said my hair could stop traffic.

My Daughter is still working at Kroger, K-Rogers as she calls it. Now that she has a job, she also has a checking account, or should I say a bouncing account. But at least she gets mail each week from her friends at the bank. They want $40 to cover for two bounced checks. I guess my daughter doesn’t quite have the hang of how an account works.

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