Friday, December 26, 2008

I gave My Husband a coffee bean grinder for Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed it. I got the idea from my mom who gives my dad tools as gifts because SHE needs them. Dad doesn’t know what to do with a screwdriver, but mom is getting a rather nice collection of Craftsman for her, I mean dad’s, toolbox. By the time his next birthday rolls around, mom should have the whole ratchet set. Back to the coffee grinder - it makes a loud noise when it operates. The blind dog nearly jumped out of her fur when she first heard it. Now it takes two people to make coffee - one to do the ‘bean getter’ and one to hold the blind dog.



Donna J. Shepherd said...

Very funny! Poor dog.

I, too, have a good toolbox with, my husband admits, better tools than his. Of course, I fix things more often. :)

Speaking of coffee, I have the Cuisinart that grinds the coffee, then brews it into a stainless carafe. Pricey, but worth it. Saw them on sale at Best Buy before Christmas.

Thanks for sharing.

Andrew H said...

There is a simple trick to quiet that noisy grinder: throw a dishtowel over it. You'll be amazed the amount of racket a dishtowel can quiet down while still giving you the enjoyment of fresh ground coffee.