Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog Trouble

Here's a story from 1999:

Dear email people,

HELP! I’m getting tired of this crazy dog. Annie is aggravating Indy and driving us all crazy. If I’ve spanked her once, I’ve spanked her a hundred times to try and keep her from jumping on Indy and biting her. Indy is supposed to be the Alpha Dog. Annie could care less who or what an Alpha dog is.

Feeding the two of them is a major riot. Indy has to be picked up and carried to the bathroom and put behind closed doors just to eat in peace because Annie is so jealous of her. And why not -- Indy gets canned food and table scraps, and Annie gets dry food. There’s a reason for it. Annie is not a professional at the potty procedure, and we don't want anything released on the carpet that can't be picked up in a napkin. You can understand why keeping the two dogs apart at mealtime is very important. Annie knows there's more to life than dry dog food, and she is curious about what goes on up there on the kitchen counter. She has gotten tall enough to help toss the salad now. I was chopping veggies the other day when Annie pushed her nose between my hip and elbow, and grabbed a carrot. She made a clean get away before I could put down the knife and go after her. However, my reflexes are getting better. When I turned my back to make a drink today, Annie went for my Mexican TV dinner. I grabbed her by the tail and pulled her away without spilling my tea. We DON’T want to clean up recycled Mexican food from the carpet.

We call Annie the ‘lap dog’ because of her need for water. Both dogs started out sharing Indy's baby bear bowl but Annie drank the contents in three laps, and there was none left for Indy. Annie thought it was a toy and started carrying the bowl around with her. We got a very large bowl so Annie can't drink all of the contents in one visit. She still tries to carry it around even though it’s full. We mop the floor a lot.


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