Friday, May 8, 2009

Shopping with Teen

(circa 1999)

It was snowing when I took My Daughter to the mall yesterday to buy a pair of shoes. I left pinto beans warming on the stove so I had to hurry. I’d hate to have the dinner detector going off while I’m gone because it scares the blind dog. My Daughter and I were speed shopping in the mall, zipping from one store to the next asking, “Van or Airwalks, got them or not? Just shake your head, we’re in a hurry.”

We were practically running when we headed for the car. A woman was walking toward us using a cell phone. We heard her say, “Yeah, it’s really coming down out here…nah, just great big flakes….it ain’t stickin’ or nuthin’”

My Daughter, who was mad that we hadn’t found the right size, at the right price, in the right style shoe she wanted, sarcastically said, “Well, aren’t we special with our cell phone? There probably isn’t even anyone at the other end of that conversation.” I laughed when I realized I could do the same thing with that play phone I bought at the Dollar store last week!

Speaking of the Dollar Store, the one where everything’s $1.00, Cappi actually asked for a price check on one of the items. I nearly died laughing until I realized she was serious, then I was embarrassed. I’ve got to get new friends.

I gave Annie dog a bath today. The bathroom needed mopping anyway. God, I’m too old to have a baby dog. I’m having my checkbook tied after this one.

Time to practice my talent and walking down the runway. I’m going to win that ugly pajama pageant.

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