Saturday, August 22, 2009

Apologize for Getting Married

An Apology?

Frankie and I are still trying to get past the ordeal with the church. He’s trying to forgive the roommate and the leadership that cut him off, but I can tell he’s still hurt. He arranged a meeting with the senior pastor who suggested that Frankie and I come before the church and give an apology for excluding them in our marriage plans by eloping without their blessing. You’ve gotta be kidding! How old am I? Who is my father? Do I need someone to tell me when, where and who I can marry?! The whole thing sounds stupidly manipulating to me. But, then again my brain is still wet from 20 years of religious washing.

Why do we need anyone’s permission to get married? I’m ready to get the hell out of organized religion but Frankie still feels a sense of calling to be there. He and I are writing a book about what we truly believe about God, the Bible, church and life in general. I have a feeling it’s not what we originally thought.

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