Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Really Counts

Starbucks, eat your heart out! We now have a gourmet coffee machine at work. I've had Columbian, Hazelnut and Arabian so far. That's just in the past hour. I'm having Human Resources check to see if they can install a toilet in my cubicle. This stuff goes right through me.

Kim got a new diet book this weekend. We're holding one another ac'count'able. She's counting fat grams. I'm counting carbohydrates. I'd be winning if it weren't for the fact that dieting is like golf, the less the number, the better you score. Anyway, she brought our lunch from home today and a book that charts fat grams, calories, carbs, and proteins; all the things that make food taste so good. In my opinion, the higher the number, the better it tastes. I think they take a poll to see what people like the best and rate it with the highest count. I nearly cried when I found out my Taco Bell salad had 850 calories! Kim and I were standing outside the building after we crunched our dietary numbers and drank our coffee. She was policing each employee as they came back from lunch and giving citations for high calorie and fat gram numbers. The survey was called off when she got hit in the head by a fat lady.

Well, I've got to go for now. My coffee is getting cold.

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