Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tag Office

I completed my fifth visit to the tag office today. On the other occasions I tried to change the title on my car:

The clerk's office was closed.
The line was too long to wait during my lunch hour.
I learned that I had to have my car's emissions inspected first.
I learned that I was required to have the original copy of my divorce agreement to prove that I was actually allowed to register the vehicle in my name.

The guy at the information booth started waving to me by the 4th visit. He must have thought I worked there. Sixty-seven dollars and a pound of patience later, I got a tag with the letters E-V-Q. Sounds like a medication. Have you tried EVQ? It’s great for warts, farts and having to deal with the government. If you say EVQ several times real fast it sounds like a diesel engine at a traffic light. What is your tag number?

I put the tie-dye sheets on our bed when we got home from the tie-dye party. When I awoke this morning among the green and purple swirls, I had been dreaming that I was in the spin cycle in the washing machine.

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