Monday, January 26, 2009


You just don’t know how to get off this dumb email list do you? It’s like the sweepstakes mail; it keeps coming whether or not you send in a response.

Reminds me of telemarketers.

I wonder how they get my address and phone number, and how do they know when you’re eating dinner? One guy called last week asking for donations for the police department. Hellooooo, don’t I pay taxes to fund this program!? He told me that I gave to his organization last year and that he would appreciate my support again this year.

I said, “Now, wait a damn minute. I didn’t even live in this state last year, how could I have given to the local police department? Besides, that, how did you get my name and phone number?”

He hung up on me! The audacity! I’m supposed to be the one to hang up first!


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