Monday, January 5, 2009

Red shoes for Husband!

Dear Cappi,

My Husband just came in here fussing about a charge he got on his credit card that I made after he gave me his card, a URL, and instructions to buy a product to buff away my leg hairs. I didn't think my leg hairs were that bad, but since he suggested it, I placed an order.

My iChat friend asked, “Why was he mad when you used the card after he told you to?”

When I placed the order, We thought it would cost about $30 including shipping. A confirmation email was sent that didn’t have a total, but the prices per item shown were doubled and shipping was as much as the product! I immediately tried to cancel the order online, but when I typed in the order number they gave in the email, it was not found in their system. Great. I didn’t figure Husband was going to like that, so I warned him. That was two days ago. He checked his balance online today. They charged $89 to his card.

“Wow, then you are right,” says my friend. “He might need some red shoes to let you know he is upset.” She read the article on this blog about me wearing red shoes when I’m having PMS.  “What are you going to do?”

I don't have time to worry about credit cards or leg hairs. I haven't even gotten the product yet; that could take four to six weeks. By then, I’ll need hair bows for my braided leg hairs, but at least we got the payment out of the way.

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