Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why do Women Shave Their Legs?

I'm serious! Why do we do this? Why does fashion dictate this inhumane and needless, time-wasting practice? All that work only to have them grow back by tomorrow.

Are leg hairs that offensive? If so, why don't men shave their legs? Seems like a double standard to me, but then again I question why men can walk around in public without their shirts on and women can't. So, I'm probably not the best authority on morality or equal rights.

Somehow I can't see a cave woman using her homemade hatchet to control her leg hair population. So when did it start? I'm serious. Can anyone tell me when women started torturing themselves like this? I may need counseling for this very thing.

Some gals and I were talking one day about the toilsome task of shaving our legs. What is the best method and what lasts longest? One gal suggested a weed whacker for the undergrowth, another suggested weed killer for the stubborn ones that always get missed, but I suggested a John Deere. Why walk when you can ride?

Well I’ve got to get to work. There’s not much excuse for being late when you don’t have to walk but 30 steps from the back to the front of the house.


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