Sunday, July 12, 2009

Help! I'm Dating!


I can’t tell just anyone about this, but I think I’m already dating this guy I met last week. He asked me out after the meeting Friday night, and I heard the word “yes” jump out of my mouth before I knew I wanted to say it. This is a mystery, but I already feel like I know this man from somewhere. I can tell what he’s thinking, and he is falling for me as much as I am for him. We sat together in church last Sunday, and my heart beat wildly just being near him. We went out to eat with a group of people from church and he bought my dinner – I guess that makes it a date. Frankie and I took a ride to the lake after dinner, and as we sat on the bench I got this premonition that I am going to marry him. I think I was lead to the church in the office park to meet him for this purpose. HELP! I’m not ready for a relationship, but my poor heart knows no fear; she is willing to jump right into this situation while I’m still mulling over all the reasons why I shouldn’t.

Anyway, he asked me to go hiking with him next Saturday at Carter Mountain in Suwannee, and I said yes. And like I promised you, I’ll stay vertical. Besides you know I never sleep with anyone before I know his credit card number.

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