Wednesday, July 15, 2009


DATE: June 6, 2000 10:44 AM

You may be new to my mailing list. Consider it as you would a sweepstakes letter. You won't win anything but you'll never get your name off the list. I've been writing email episodes for about two years and sometimes they are actually entertaining. Sometimes they are unbelievable. They are always true with very little fabrication added. So, you can change your email address now or continue to read on and endure!

I had three job offers this week for a full-time permanent position with benefits. The job I chose has a great environment, wonderful people, and excellent benefits. So far, I have been able to utilize the skills I picked up while temping and I am challenged to learn and grow without being overly stressed. Thank God!

I've become known as the Nut lady at work because I have a jar on my desk that's usually filled with cashews, sunflower kernels or Spanish peanuts. It's empty today due to the pit stops made by my co-workers. Today at 10 o'clock break, I had so much food on my desk that I couldn't find my work. I've spoiled my co-workers by sharing my treats everyday for the last few weeks. I had no choice. Every time I opened my drawer, two or three heads would pop over the edge of my cubicle to see what low carb delicacy I was delving out. Today one of the salesmen came by to ask a question about a letter I had sent. I had a huge chaw of beef jerky tucked in one cheek and a hand full of pork rinds waiting on the runway. Of course the phone rang before I could finish chewing. I shifted the wad of jerky and with some difficulty swallowed the extra juice so I could speak to the caller. A guy we call Cornbread caught the humor of the moment and offered me a spit cup and asked for a slab of 'dat jerk meat'. My co-workers and I really get into snack time. Maybe I should say the snacks get into us. When I went to the restroom, I noticed I had pork rind lint (crumbs) on my face and in my hair. Frankie, you would have had a nit picking fit!

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