Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This man I Met

Surely you've noticed by now (if you have been keeping up with this blog) that the post dates do not coincide with the dates of the original emails. That happens when telling things in past tense.

DATE: April 15, 2000 7:31 PM
SUBJECT: This man I Met

For someone who didn’t want to get back in church I sure surprised myself when I went to a prayer meeting at a lady’s house Saturday night. There was a guy there named Frankie that I absolutely could not keep my eyes off of. This sounds dumb even saying it, but I think we’re supposed to be together. I’m on the rebound and I’m too vulnerable for a relationship. I’m not over the pain of my first marriage, and I don’t want to date. My self-esteem and confidence is zilch right now. Besides that, my divorce is not final. What am I thinking?

I went again today and I cried most of the service because the songs inspired so many memories. Frankie must be attracted to me - he intentionally sat behind me in church this morning. His sweet voice lulled me and stirred all kinds of emotions. I heard at the prayer meeting that he is leading a prayer group on Friday night. I already plan to attend. It’s like I’m watching myself make decisions and it’s not me making them. A current that is stronger than me is pulling me along.

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